About us
EP Group is a consulting agency based in the heart of the Russian Federation, Moscow. We have been providing a full package of services to multinational pharmaceutical companies since 2008. Our company has accumulated an extensive experience in assisting different types of businesses to live up to all their company’s expectations. We offer a wide range of services in Product Launch, Product Management, Regulatory Strategy and all kinds of Clinical Studies. All our staff is highly experienced, skilled and technically competent that allows them to challenge the most sophisticated issues.
Established in 2008 as a Private company providing Regulatory consultation and support for companies operating within the Russian pharmaceutical market.
Since 2010 due to the changing regulatory environment, it has evolved into a CRO with a wide range of services including various types of clinical studies (PCT/BE/CT) in which highly experienced, skilled and technically competent persons work at all levels both locally and remotely.
In 2015, a group of company EP Group was founded to provide a full package of services to international pharmaceutical companies assisting them in product launch within the territory of the Russian Federation.
Our advantages are
Quick Launch
We are able to start working on our client's projects as soon as we have obtained a clear understanding of their plans and prepared a comprehensive plan of action so as not to inflict upon them unnecessary expenditure and more importantly secured them against wasting their time.
We are able to offer a highly professional evaluation of difficulties our clients may encounter at each stage as well as ways to overcome them before proceeding to the next step. In addition, every project is given due consideration which enables us to adapt and shift direction quickly to the changing environment.
All our actions are guided by the requirements of both local legislation as well as international norms to ensure that we comply with all internal and external rules and laws. All our services are provided in a way that matches our clients’ expectations and helps them to achieve their goals.
Radical Transparency
We are committed to operating in a transparent pricing policy. From the beginning our client knows exactly all its expenses and there are no hidden charges. All this helps us build trust and secure long lasting mutually beneficial relationship as our clients’ satisfaction is essential to us!
Projects completed
Approval and conduct of 93 preclinical studies
Approval and conduct of 67 clinical studies
Receipt of 82 registration certificates
Receipt of 16 Russian GMP certificates
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